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Chinese engineer flies to Singapore for Shopee job but offer is pulled on his arrival

Shopee, operator of the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has cancelled a number of employment offers last minute, which gained attention in China when one worker posted his plight on WeChat after arriving in Singapore. “I landed with my wife and dog and was told my offer [from Shopee] was cancelled while I was still at the airport,” a user going by “Lin Ge goes to Nanyang” wrote on his official WeChat account over the weekend. The cuts from Shopee, owned by Tencent Holdings-backed Sea Limited, have largely affected technology positions in Singapore, where the company is based. Sea is one of many tech companies around the world cutting back amid a slowing global economy and fears of recession. The company confirmed to the post it cancelled some tech roles. “Due to adjustments to hiring plans on some tech teams, a number of roles at Shopee are no longer available. We are working closely to support those affected,” Sea said in a statement. Shopee is offering compensation of one month’s salary and travel expenses to those affected, according to a source close to company who declined to be named as the information is not public. أقرأ مع دي في