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Dancing prawns, oysters in Phuket leave Singaporeans kneeling before the porcelain throne

One of the best parts about traveling overseas is trying new types of food. Unfortunately, these Singaporeans might have been a little too adventurous during their recent holidays to Phuket, and wound up separately with food poisoning.  One woman, who goes by User818391963 on TikTok, uploaded a video documenting her mishap on Sunday (Aug 21).  During her six-day trip to Phuket, she posted that she visited Chillva Night Market and ate some 'dancing shrimp' — a street dish consisting of fresh live shrimp marinated in spicy sauce and herbs. In her video, the woman also included a selfie she took while she was happily eating the raw shrimp, along with the caption "live shrimp [not] bad".  Unfortunately for her and her travel companion, that Thai delicacy did not sit well with them. "The night after, we started vomiting continuously for six hours [and had] diarrhoea non-stop," User818391963 wrote in her video.  As if their situation couldn't get any worse, the pair also found out they both tested positive for Covid-19. أقرأ مع دي في