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'He was trembling and bleeding': Woman looking for delivery rider who ran over her son's leg in Woodlands

A woman is searching for a delivery rider who ran over her seven-year-old son's leg while they were on their way home.  The woman, surnamed Lu, told Shin Min Daily News that the incident took place at about 1.40pm on June 16, at a bus stop along Woodlands Avenue 3.  Lu and her seven-year-old son were on their way home after lunch. Upon alighting from the bus, the boy sped for the nearest bus shelter to avoid the rain.  In his haste to avoid getting drenched, he failed to notice an oncoming bicycle — which hit him and ran over his left calf.  "I immediately rushed over to help my son up; he was trembling and bleeding and crying out in pain. I hurriedly hugged him and comforted him, and checked his injuries. I couldn't even remember the number to call an ambulance," the 40-year-old hairdresser recounted.  Lu told Shin Min that the delivery rider apologised and examined the boy's wounds. He then said he had to leave as he was "rushing to make a delivery", but was stopped by the woman.  أقرأ مع دي في