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Auxiliary cop goes on shopping spree after allegedly misappropriating lost wallets at Changi Airport

SINGAPORE — An auxiliary police officer was working at Changi Airport Terminal 3 on July 23 when he allegedly misappropriated a lost wallet entrusted to him.

According to court documents, it contained a UOB One Visa debit card.

Giong Chun Yong, 46, is also said to have misappropriated another wallet at the airport that month that contained two cards from Westpac bank — a financial institution that provides services at countries including New Zealand.

After that, he allegedly used the cards to go shopping and cheated multiple businesses.

On Wednesday (Nov 8), the Singaporean was charged with offences including criminal breach of trust and multiple counts of cheating.

On five occasions between 12.52am and 11am on July 19, he allegedly used one of the Westpac bank cards to pay for undisclosed items worth NZ$87.05 (S$72.18 according to court documents) at places including Sheng Siong Supermarket in Pasir Ris.