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Behavioral Therapies for Autism: How They Can Help


Behavioral Therapies for Autism: How They Can Help

Autism is a complex state of neurodevelopment

It is characterized by differences in social skills

Behavioral communication means people with autism

They have differences in the way they do

They communicate and interact with it socially

Just a difference in a neurological disorder that affects the interaction

People with others and how to communicate

Among them, although it is possible to diagnose

Autism at any age, but it is described as

Developmental disorder because symptoms often begin

It appears in the first two years of a child's life, if we look

On the brain of an autistic person to meet

Answers or even a diagnosis, I don't think it's possible

We find something easily, but it is not something

It is easy for me to distinguish the brain of an infected person

By uniting from a healthy person because the changes in

The brain here is very slight before we enter

In the details of the disease, we know what autism is and what it is

It works like this.Come, first we know what anatomy is

The brain, of course, as we know, is the brain

Divided into two texts, a right text and a left text, but in

Reality is our thinking and the processes we have

We do it all day long and it's going to come like this

Between the two lobes, this means that the two lobes always

In them, your two mothers will be connected to each other

There is something wrong with the two together, but it remains

The person who has autism will be in

The difficulty of communicating between the two texts is that they are connected to each other

Part of our brain is divided into several parts

The lobes of the faces of the lobes de bacon in the structures of the official

About everything from the beginning of the movement to the point of thinking is the pinnacle

These lobes still have something named on them

His cerebral cortex, which we know of course as

Gray matter is something that needs no introduction

For me, at least that means the material

This gray is where it happens

Processing information, data or ripples

What is present inside the brain takes up more space

For gray matter, when the area of matter

Grayness increases the availability of information that is possible

We treat it, as the ripple is in this gray area

We have two bottoms in our hands, which we call the wire of Hai and Jay

All that has passed is if man were normal

For them, the issue is very different because

The current and wrinkles in their brain are different

I mean, if we came, we would look at the structure of any brain

Someone with autism will find out that he has folds

In the lobes much more than normal

The changes that occur here make adjustments

In the connection of the neural network itself, the links

The essence of a person's brain is about autism, which he abandons

Brain cells or cells beat with life

Nervousness is what does all this through

The messages you are going to come as soon as they are active

Cells in the brain begin to give up an electrical pulse

It spreads to the rest of the cells in the brain

The brain starts working properly, it must be in

This brain activity, of course, occurs through communication

Between cells, when we come, we compare a person's brain

If you have autism, we will find that in some networks

The brain's communication between them is low

A little while ago, in autism, the connection will be short

The range, even if delivery occurs, will remain very short and far

Range, so that's why it remains if you ask him for a mission

I need to integrate and absorb Hiliqi's information

The topic is happening to him with some difficulty, so we will find it

He has a neurotic prophecy disorder, Bacon Jay

He has symptoms that include a persistent inability to communicate

Social and social interaction in general

I mean, you will find him, I don't know how to keep the conversation going

He doesn't know how to react in any situation that happens

He even responds to her, and even relationships will meet him

I don't know how to develop it, understand it, or even maintain it

But this does not mean that he has autism

It can't be relationships or even work, it's a problem

He doesn't know how to modify it to suit anyone

A social context means that we do not have flexibility

Social interests are restricted behaviors

And repeatedly, if you come looking into his eyes, you will not find it

Strong visual contact.I don't know until he contacts you

Verbally, you will always find him feeling that in

Distortions in visual communication and body language

With a word you will find, I will not tell you at all, even if

I will look at his snitch, and you will find another deficiency in me

This expression is of course, not a lack of appreciation

Or respect for you, he just doesn't know how to express something

His expression, movements, and even his responses

His gestures do not match needs

Whoever moves in front of him means that he still has shortcomings

In understanding that when he is, he uses every movement

In its place is the tone of his voice itself.She is not accustomed to feeling that

He talks like a robot and has a problem

Great that he understands my point of view in front of him

He will not be able to predict people's actions

Those in front of them are also some

Certain behaviors that can be repeated in a way

It's as big as repeating certain words and phrases

And special phrases that he can use

Extreme interest in specific topics such as numbers

Details, facts, and you will meet him all the time

Busy with unusual needs, even if there are planes

Simple in the routine he is walking on

You will find him upset and he does not know how to change

He gives up anything he is walking and has to respond

Sensory effects may be less or more

Sensitivity to any normal person means his response

For light, sound, touch, temperature, and noise

What all these responses wear is different from

Any normal person has a different experience

Very much with their sense of answer, the topic remains that

People with autism have levels

Very high in intelligence even though they are in the same breath

Time may cause learning difficulties

I mean, even though they are smart and learn quickly

However, they do not know how to implement the needs

Learn it in their daily lives, it is possible too

A person with autism suffers from excessive affectation

Movement and attention deficit HD or he

He suffers from anxiety, depression, and may also be affected

Sometimes we also meet the person quickly

He has autism, you can call him and he will not respond

You and I are very clear that he will not hear you if you come

You will find him resisting any contact from you and he prefers

He plays alone and withdraws into the private world

His family has poor eye contact and is poor

With expressions, the face does not speak or speak

These words, in words or sentences, cannot be said

He speaks to them and does not know how to open a conversation

He speaks in a tone or rhythm that is not normal and decides

Words and phrases, but he has no idea

How can he use it? This is also the case with some

Questions that he does not understand and in what sitting is possible

It appears aggressive, negative, or very annoying

It cannot explain the expression and confusion of people or your situation

He poisoned them or even tone their voice, it could also be

I suffer from patterns of behavior or interests and activities

Limited and repetitive, meaning he makes repetitive movements

Like swinging and spinning, it can do activities like this

Biting or hitting the head and having coordination problems

Like you can find him walking on his toes

You will find it focused with certain and strange details, I mean

For example, if you bring him a toy, he will leave everything

He looks at the calf in the car as if it were not

Understand what the purpose or function of this calf is

He thinks about information for a very, very long time

He will be a very good and excellent visual and auditory learner

In mathematics, science, music and art costume

Mohsen, the question here is how autism looked and what

What might expose a person to autism

The history of the family itself means that if, for example, they succeeded

A child with autism has risks

They bring a second child infected with this second dirt

Something is a child's session because the children are exposed

For autism, four times more than

Girls are the third thing that children have

Certain medical conditions or symptoms similar to symptoms

Autism can also develop autism one day

Days are like something called

This is a genetic disorder that causes problems

Intellectual and disease, for example, such as tuberous sclerosis

A condition in which benign veins develop in the brain or

We also have an amicable response syndrome, a genetic condition

It happens exclusively to girls and works slowly

In head development and mental disability, including

The reasons are also the ages of the parents because

Scientists have noticed that most people with autism

He was a father, an elderly mother, and also a mother

She suffered complications at the time of birth that could cause

For her son to become autistic if Jenna stays

Look at genetics, we find that there are genes

You may be responsible for this, of course, genes

It will greatly affect the brain and its way of growth

Or even the way you communicate from

Brain cells and also environmental factors such as

Viruses or medications that can cause pain

You take it during pregnancy or even air pollutants

What may have a role in autism, medicine, does it

Autism has complications that can cause problems

Learning at work is not able to live alone

Independent and at the same time he may be isolated

He sat alone and in some neighborhoods he might try

One in 100 people will be injured

With autism, this is good.I wonder how to be diagnosed

Young children, the first stage is examination

General development requires the child to work here

Health checks with the pediatrician if necessary

The child must have any differences in development

This behavior makes us start to fear for the stage

The second is very important to discover and diagnose

Children with autism with extreme accuracy and accuracy

Early time because this is starting to highlight

Their strengths: Early detection leaves the child

He takes educational programs and behavioral therapy

This step is appropriate for him to have tests

Medical and neurological assessment of cognitive abilities

Linguistic abilities, monitoring the child’s behavior, conversation

In-depth with the child's care introduction about his behavior

and its growth and appropriate skills are evaluated

For age, this is to complete daily activities properly

Independent, such as eating, dressing, and going to the bathroom

Alone, the comprehensive evaluation remains

Blood tests, hearing test, and the result of this evaluation

It determines the official diagnosis and recommendations

The treatment remains, if it is an issue that they remain silent about

When they are young, treatment becomes very difficult as they grow up

Like anxiety disorders

Everything comes together after the diagnosis

We take treatment.Our first thing is treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common treatment

It aims to encourage desired behaviors in the child

The child learns about his feelings from those who said

Unwanted monopolies that may be

He does it and prevents him from evaluating his thoughts and behavior, and we return

We organize it again, so of course this type is the treatment

The child begins to let him deal with situations

Difficult social is the second type of treatment

Axial response treatment or BRT and this

Another treatment method is game-based

Instead of focusing on specific behaviors, we focus on

On other needs at the time of the session, for example

We find the therapist putting down the food or toy

The child's favorite in his field of vision is the dependent here

He tries to encourage the child that he is speaking by

He asks for the item in front of him that is within range

His eyesight is the third type of treatment, which is training

The experiment is separate or DT, in this type

Treatment We start dividing the skill parts

Little girl, I mean, if we came, for example, we would teach him how

He writes his name.We will teach him a letter after a letter

He learns it and writes it correctly.We begin to encourage the child to

The new skill that is acquired in Kaman

We have speech and language therapy, meaning if the child

I suffer from difficulties in communicating, so it is possible that we

We treat pronunciation and improve skills

Verbal and non-verbal means I will leave it

For example, he describes his feelings and identifies elements and people

But he stayed

As for nutritional therapy, most of them are

They have digestive problems in addition

For problems with digestive density, most of them mean, for example

They may be disgusted by a certain flavor or texture

For example, some of them can get some tomatoes because

Soft or round, of course it meets

Their nutritional needs will be very important, so leave them alone

I'm sure no one has autism

They are scattered in the same way, meaning every one of them

I suffer from autism differently and have needs

Different, oh, it is possible that autism is preferred with the person over

Life, but with appropriate support, is possible for those injured

Through it, they live a normal, satisfactory life in autism

It is not a serious disease, but it means that your mind is thinking about me

Need in a different way than other people, Flo

You know someone who has autism, he doesn't need you

Something is not a little, as unity proves to us that we are

No matter how advanced we reach degrees in science

Research will make the human brain more complex

Puzzles that we cannot understand 100%