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Decoding the Matrix: Techniques for Distinguishing Between Light and Dark Energy

 Decoding the Matrix: Techniques for Distinguishing Between Light and Dark Energy

Matrix is trying to poison human consciousness to be

Human consciousness is in low consciousness and they are human beings

On a level of fear, anxiety and stress to be broadcast

They are negative energies because they are energies

Negativity in the end, the Matrix itself is fed

But today I would like to talk more

They delved into how he didn't get into science

Consciousness and confusion are tainted in the sciences of consciousness because

In fact, the Matrix or the Dark System or

The dark force can't face anything

Pure directly because if darkness confronts him

Light, the result in the end is light in a way

This is always inevitable, whether it is power or strength

The obscurantist uses a very malicious method, which is DS

Poison with honey, they know it's a long time

Many people focus on awareness and awareness of Uncle B

Its frequencies are general and the type of life that prevails

You live it and it improves in a continuous and continuous way

And this improvement continues, meaning that it is people

They spread more light, they spread more love

They spread peace more than this thing means

As for the Matrix, it is not the best thing, but on

The opposite is against their interests, against their regime, and against

Their institutions that operate day and night because

Human consciousness remains in a stage of fear

And despair and frustration, so if you notice in it

The period is the amount of people you are talking about

Awareness is increasing and constantly increasing

But does every person, in his name, speak in consciousness

Is he a very pure person? Do you know the energy that

He gives it to people through his speech and through

His practices through the exercises that are

He gives it through the courses he gives

Is it definitely something luminous and the answer is definitely no

In people whose condition is called giving in the sciences of consciousness

But they are people who emit fear energies, for example

When someone comes to talk about the sciences of consciousness or in his capacity

Science of consciousness: He turned your mind around and saw something

I am not good on earth, which is the period you must be

I want to pay attention to you, it is good in the end

He gives the viewer fear energy

The viewer receives the energy of fear and reacts

With her emotionally when a person is not reacting emotionally

With fear, despite the information, he is finally broadcasting

Fear energy is part of these teachers are aware of

The darkness they give is part of these teachers

Unconscious about the darkness they give good

The question is how I stand out as a teacher

Al-Nourani and the Dark Teacher, simply see

The type of feelings you receive during

I want to ask you for the video and you will see me in

This moment you feel the kind of feelings you have

What do you receive through this video? Is it

Feelings of love, feelings of strength, feelings of peace, feelings

His knife is deeply rooted feelings because he has all these feelings

In the end, it expresses a luminous energy

So the video gives you energy, fear, energy, anxiety

Energy, tension, energy, doubt, energy, panic, energy, lust

Anger energy, all of these feelings are feelings in the end

Even Dr.David Hawkins explained that

Positive feelings come from a level of courage

He was informed of negative feelings from the level of anger

Go down and we will talk about this table in a video

Coming, God willing, today I want to tell you that

The Matrix Road is a very branched and winding road

It is full of impurities, but today it is simple

With a simple exercise, you can distinguish between

Light and dark are the kind of feelings you have

Received either from sound from video from music

So you can show you how much this thing is

He gives me light, or this thing gives me light

Darkness or it gives me dark energy because it's just like that

I told you, by God, there are energies in beings in me

Dark bodies work day and night to evacuate

The level of human consciousness is less than the level

Courage is below the level of love

And enlightenment or dark energy in the middle

The way to do this, for example, is to ask them

Exercises or things that are contrary to common sense

These are exercises that violate the peaceful period

Part of the people rejected her because they were shocked

In fact, it's what you're sitting on

When these people ask me, I am shocked

The reality is that he is this teacher who speaks

In awareness, he asks them for things like things

Contrary to logic, contrary to common sense

In the end, when we are shocked by this reality, we see

He rejects the sciences of consciousness in its entirety, but rather thinks

All teachers of consciousness are, after all, uncle

They walk on the road that is sold

A path for Satan, so they began to attack in the sciences of consciousness

Or people, for example, who are walking with a wrong teacher

He asks her for work, but it is not complete, and she walks after him

And complete his vision until the end and in the end this

People are already a source of darkness

Of course, this is what she wants, strength

The darkness exactly seems to be a part of the people attacking

In the sciences of consciousness and the other part of people

Its condition is called it in the sciences of consciousness, but it is

Walking on a path to misguidance in my weakest part

Or say a few people who are walking in

Real consciousness sciences or internal sciences

Real, correct and pure is a second job

It can also help you know what Al-Nourani is

From the witnesses of my darkness, your heart will be consumed, even if they give you a fatwa

The moment you walk behind your heart, your heart is gone

It shows you the right thing while your mind is always on

He will take you to the place of doubt and see what this is and what

He sees this and the mind always has a kind of righteousness

While the heart does not have some kind of justification, then

I walked after a teacher and felt for a moment that he was this teacher

You cannot replace this teacher with me

I will also tell you a very important sentence about someone

Today it is a prophet or a messenger.I am not

100% complete, and any teacher is aware of the end, not

100% complete, I take the part that I am from it

With my comfort and the part that does not comfort me, I can leave it

Because it is possible that I listen to a lot of people, in the end

I walk behind my heart, my heart will eventually go away

Show me the right place if I'm being honest

With myself, I would like to ask you before you judge me

An uncle spoke into the consciousness today and saw the thing

The one who tells it and feels the thing he tells me

Many people today are conscious and just like that

Learn about astral projection or learn about

Things that are finally going on regarding magic

On the other hand, pure people knew things

In consciousness it is true

And with the arrogance of logic by integrating sound nature at

People personally, awareness helped me know

Certainly and heartily how the process of monotheism is how it is

There is no god but God, so times of awareness can serve

A person who develops it and brings it to very, very, very levels

High and false awareness can destroy a person and lead to

For lower, lower and lower ranks before you don't listen to a person

Feel in your heart if this person is serious, you want to listen to him

He found that you wanted to learn from him, and peace be upon him