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Nvidia's Latest Graphics Cards: High-Quality Visuals, Low-Quality Release

 Nvidia's Latest Graphics Cards: High-Quality Visuals, Low-Quality Release

Surely you have heard about the criticism on cards

NVIDIA 4000 cards, which are in fact cards

Technically strong, but nonetheless considered a launch

Failure failure here is not related to its specifications

technology or its capabilities, but rather the failure of its marketing

During its shady labels and incorrect pricing

Albert Einstein says stupidity is doing the same thing

The thing twice in the same style and the same steps

Waiting for different results is really the thing

Which NVIDIA settled with the 2000 cards and repeated

With 4000 cards today we have the story of 40 cards

Or the 4000 cards, and we will talk about topics

Multiple, including technical comparison as well

Purchase options

And promotion 

Directly with the first point, the topic of naming

Shaded and exaggerated prices when launching

A new generation produces several segments of this

Generation These segments vary from top to top

The minimum specifications, including the number of each

Which mum yoze or tum yo are spreading

Between Unit and Rob or Render Outbot Unit

Wallace M.O.Stream Multi Processor and this

They all work together to get the picture out

With its triple dimensions and high accuracy, it is a habit

The slides are numbered, the lowest number is

The highest performance, for example, in the 3000 generation there is

102 chips, which is also the highest category in

Generation 4000 There are 102 segments, which is the highest category

Our talk here is about game cards because they are in

Other higher segments, but directed at intelligence

Industrial, data centers and data centers

And other things, but our words will focus

On the game cards is the GE 102 chip

Last generation 3 3000 generation this chip

Supports at maximum

336 TMU, 12 Ropes and 84 SMO alone

Processing, each of which has 128 cores

Therefore, if you multiply the number of SM by 128, it comes out

The maximum number of nuclei supported in the segment

Ok, there is a GI chip, of which there are GI copies

102 200 This is for 80 GE 102 225 card

For 3080 TIGI 102 300 for 30 90 card

GE 102 350 for card 30 90 TI notes

Here the number of MU, Rob, and Wallace M is done

Use it completely with the highest directed version

For card 30 90 TI while in other versions

The number activated is less in each one of them, ok

What about the generation of 4000? In this generation there are five

The top strips are ID 102 and these are intended for a card

The 40 990, then the ID 100 seconds, and this one has a card on it

The 4080 ED 104 has two 4070 balls on it

And 4070 TID 106, and this one has two balls on it

The 40 60 TI version, the second version, and the 16 GB version then

ID 107 and this one has the 40 60 card on it and it is considered

The lowest category is good, and where is the problem first in terms of

For the regular 40 60 card, this card is on a slide

107 It is the smallest segment of the generation and is usually the same

Directed to category 50, which actually means the card is 4050

It is not 40 60, so its price is assumed

At most, it exceeds $250

Usually NVIDIA is already with update cards

It exports TEO Super cards of a specific category

But on a higher chip, for example, 60 cards are usually

It is on chip 106, but an update may be issued

It has a higher category, for example, the 30 60 TI card

Released on the GE 104 chip, although it is custom

For 70 cards, but issued in a lower version, which is

200, with percentages ranging from 75 to 80% of

The total number of nuclei and Render units

And others in terms of activation, and this is what we are accustomed to

On it in previous generations in the current generation

Card 40 70 This card is on chip 104 and it is

The chip is designated for category 70, but the problem is that

On a lower version, which is 104 250, it is considered

The lowest chip is 100 in the category of 104 number

MU has 184 out of 240 Russians 64 out of 80

SM 46 out of 60 means it is a number that

MUS 76% Russians 80% SM 76% of

The total number of this card is therefore 40 60

TI is real considering the specifications and price

It should not reach 600 countries in the first place

NVIDIA quickly released a new 4070 real card

She called it Super, but the 4070 TI card was flawed

He had the ability to shoot in it and try Nvidia

Shop it as a 40 80 card and it has been cancelled

After it was announced due to great criticism

It is released by NVIDIA under the name 4070T

That is, his problem is that with 12 GB, the target of the card is L

40 70 TI Super Two-mistake adjustment first lift

The capacity of the RAM and its interface are the second range, and put

On the same slide as the slide of 40 80, even if it is

Less version is ID 103

275 4080 cards, his problem was the price

Therefore, NVIDIA has currently reduced its price via

Issuing a better version that takes advantage of all the capabilities of the slide

The 103, even if they wanted to issue another version, such as the 40

80 TI Farrah is on the special 102 chip

With cards 40 90 and at all and with these releases what

There is still strong criticism of Anfi because

Prices are still high because the card is 40 70

Super is still a few barrels which causes

Boycott him in Germany and some European countries

Eastern Province, this made its sales low for the card

40 70 TI Super is still at a high price as well

Card 40 80 The problem with cards

The 4000 does not stop at the issue of prices

Naming but trying to market technologies

Add an additional amount of irrigation stones for these cards

Therefore, it forces you to get promoted, especially if you are

You need these techniques and they will differentiate with you in your work

As Brother Abdul Salam said, for example, I bought 30

90 b 1500 $2000 suddenly as the generation descends

You find that new technologies such as I

In 1 the encoder that many people are interested in

Streamers and content creators also have DLS

S3 only works on these 4000 cards

A real dilemma and you find that there is great criticism

On this point, in addition, there is a problem of melting

Mosul and this problem turned out to be due to a defect

My factory and it is not a user's fault, ok why not

An update to the 40 60 reason cards is being released

Very simple, there was no AMD card

Competing for this category are the 7800 XTAL cards

7900 caused Nvidia to return its accounts in

The upper category, I personally, was completely excluded

It's Nvidia making this move, it's making it

Super cards and corrects their mistakes.Yes, they are reduced

The 40 card is 80 200 dollars but it is still high

Yes, it added 16 GB for the 40 70 TI card

Super, but its price is still high, but I was

This topic is unlikely because I see it as a step

Step back and what style of NVIDIA you would expect

They are creating a new generation and attribute the improvement in

Performance to the new generation or architecture

What's new regarding modernization in the 2000 generation

Nvidia almost used the same method, however

AMD at the time had 5700 reel cards

A category for that change occurred in the lower category

Nvidia had to issue cards naming him

New 1600 to maintain its share in the category

Primary school, which was originally intended to be

Her football is all RTX, good niggy at

The question is whether I buy or advance this generation before

The answer to this question reminds you to participate

Like this video and we go back to the question

The answer is short, if you have a card from the 3000 generation

Do not think about this generation at all because you have been patient

On a card I showed from 2020 to the beginning

2024 Most likely the 5000 cards will be either

At the end of this year or the beginning of next year

So waiting is better for you if you have it

A card from the generation of 2000 Walther for new versions

Super is better than 40, 60 or 40 cards

70 The basic version, but if God decrees for you

I bought a 40 70 TE or 40 80 or L card

40 70 original copies, you must first

You know it's not your fault you made a decision

Purchase based on the options available at that time

Time: Do not regret or blame yourself for anything

The knowledge of others

Also, there is no promotion for new versions of NVIDIA

I made mistakes in the first editions, and it is wrong

You reward her for this mistake by buying two balls from the same person

The generation is patient and wait for the next generation, which does not

I think there is a lot of other people who want to join me in

Comments and write me the type of card you have

You have it and the card you were thinking about

Promotion to Him is thankful and you are destined to follow you to the end.Please accept my regards