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Unboxing and Testing the PlayStation 5 PULSE Explore Headphones

 Unboxing and Testing the PlayStation 5 PULSE Explore Headphones

This is my main headset currently that I use

In games with PlayStation 5, it is better

The most suitable headphones I have tried since the first time I downloaded Play

Station 5 is superior to headphones for me

The Hummer Head Razer I was using became mine

A period of time, which is the PlayStation Pulse Explorer

In this video, I tell you why I see it better

Listen to it and I definitely thank PlayStation Saudi Arabia

Those who sent me headphones to try it

I give you my opinion about it, the first terrible feature of

The headphones don't just work on the play

Station 5 also works on PC and Mac

It also works on mobile phones, whether iPhone or

Android via bluetooth speaker box

Its design is very strange and distinctive, and Sony is always on the decline

These are the sweet touches in their designs and headphones

It has a very nice design and is well installed

Sweet in the ear, of course, depending on the size of the piece

The silicone that fits in your ear and what comes

There are several sizes of them, from a comfort standpoint here

The topic varies from one person to the other if you are

One of the people who relax with headphones

Goa enters the ear like AirPods Pro

The headphones are suitable for you, comfortable and even weighty

The hearing aid is very convenient and does not carry a load on the ear

In terms of comfort, her lip is very excellent

For me, headphones also isolate noise

Partly when you put it down, it means even when you're playing

Headphones isolate the noise around you because

You focus on the sound of the game, enjoy it, and be sweet

You can control all speaker settings from

The PlayStation itself and put it on the next thing

It suits you.As for me, I was sitting on the bus

He gave me more magnificence in sound, of course

Headphones are installed on the PlayStation and PC

Using this piece and connecting to the mobile phone

The Bluetooth route has a very special feature that I liked.Imagine

You are sitting playing PlayStation 5 and Jack Connect

On your phone, simply return and settle the call

I hit you on the headphones themselves and you play and my habit comes out

The sound of the call and the game at the same time or stop

The game settles your call and continues your game again

Honestly, it's a terrible feature and don't let you miss your call

At the same time, it does not stop you from playing and having fun

You can pick up and fold the sound from the headphones themselves

Through the bar at the top of the speakers

Neji is now performing in terms of sound

The microphone is the first thing in the hearing, there is no delay

I tried it with online games and sealing games

Such as Gad of War, Resident Evil, and others

The headphones were very clear and excellent

It supports surround sound, so I could hear everything

I looked at the smallest details and the sound distribution was

Very excellent and better than I expected and you hear distribution

The voice around the character in the game is excellent

And it's fine and you can even know if zombies are coming

You must move from any direction, right, left, in front of you or behind you

Even at Resident Evil 2 you hear the net sound

The sounds of zombies are more and more terrifying and louder

The speakers in the explosions were very luxurious because

Like I told you, I raised the bass, and this is the first hearing

In the world that uses Planer Magnetec technology

Driver who lets go of the headset gives you clarity

High in sound simply means sound

The headphones are excellent and there are no delays either

PlayStation 5 or even when I tried it on

Mobile games were not in any delay and sound

The sound of the mic in mobile calls is very sweet

Excellent and with PlayStation 5 I find it very good

Then give it to A and the mic supports noise isolation

During calls and those who isolate the noise

Around you during the call for Omar

Battery headphones give you five hours

Continuous use of one shipment and one box

The headphones charge the entire speaker twice

Extra ok for me why this is better

Headphones I tried on PlayStation 5 a day ago

It came down and became my main speaker, the first thing if

You wear glasses while playing with the headphones

You come to the head and put a lot of pressure on your ear

Because of the glasses, you can have a temperature, but with

Forget this hearing aid at all, you can

She wears headphones and glasses and plays without anything

Problems, the second thing is very small, more than the lowest

It's normal in my pocket and I move there anywhere else

The reason is that I can use it as a main speaker

In daily life because it works on devices

I can play it a lot on the PC and do it

Socialize, play, follow or network it on

My phone and I make my calls on the mobile phone or watch

YouTube and others, I see that I am investing in this

The speaker, instead of buying a speaker, just sits in

Home and use it with games only price

Hearing in official stores in Saudi Arabia

949 riyals, equivalent to approximately $253

The bottom line is to give you an excellent voice and Mike

Very good and versatile for me

I find it the best option, but like I said

Always see what you need and choose based on it

Your device