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Attracting Top Talent: The Human Resources Department's Primary Goal


Attracting Top Talent: The Human Resources Department's Primary Goal

Hello, today we will talk about one of the most important

Specializations in companies and private institutions

Specialization in human resources management, Villa Nabda

Human resources or HR is the specialty

Who cares about the people who work in the company

In the following respects, employment and management are defined

Employees with the company’s instructions and laws are training

Employees pay salaries and approve

Promotions, vacations, and finally employee layoffs

And terminate their contracts

The main goal of having a resources department

The humanity in any company or institution is that it attracts

Employees who have high experience and competencies

He employs them in the company and at the same time maintains

It means providing them with all available means

Even when they go to a competing company in addition

To develop the skills of current employees

And enhance it so that in the end every employee achieves

The target company that worked for the company in

The basis

Until you study the specialty of human resources management

It is preferable to have the following skills first and foremost as a solution

Problems because you will face many, many problems

Problems with all employees and you must have them

Also strong skills in time management and organization

Because it is not easy to be responsible for forty, I swear

In the company, for example, without being able to

Organize your time and you must also have skills

Continue effective because you will be dealing with many people

People's shapes and colors and you must have them

Excellent communication skills to maintain a relationship

Good with them and the most important thing is that you have appreciation for people

She can take into account their circumstances and understand them

As for the positives of human resources, they are

First, the diversity of businesses in general means correct in

Boring routines, but in a variety of tasks

Greatly, you will find yourself getting up every once in a while

With new jobs and dealing with new people

In addition, specialization will help you

Building strong communication skills and negotiation ability

Persuasion and finally the possibility of obtaining

Salaries are high, especially after obtaining experience

Long in the field

As for the negatives of human resources specialization

First, it is the pressure of work.I think you can imagine

You are responsible for five or more people

In terms of attendance and absence, salaries are paid in writing

Contracts, etc., so the work pressure is gone

It will be high in addition to what I mentioned previously

You will face a lot of problems with

Employees due to differences of opinion on topics

Certain things that can cause you a constant headache

Finally, the difficulty and slowness of advancement in the field, meaning

Once you get the job, I expect you

You stay where you are for a relatively long period of time

Before you get a promotion or find a better place

You work in it

Regarding the number of years of study required to

There are four studies specializing in human resources

Academic years and it can be completed in three years

And half

One of the subjects you will study in a specialty

Human resources is strategic management

Human resources management performance polarization

Employment, training and development, public administration

Department of Diversity, Decision Analysis

To drive, this is not all materials, but small glory

From her until she gets an idea

As for the fields of work, it is possible for a specialized lesson

Human Resources Management He works as a manager

For human resources or assistant resource manager

Humanity, secretarial field, or officer

Training and development, and his role will be focused on this

Jobs are often based on tasks such as selection

Employees, their appointment and the design of the organizational structure

And the pyramid for company management in addition to

Evaluating employee performance, disbursing salaries, and granting

Vacations and preparing the necessary reports

Although it specializes in human resources

An important specialty for all companies, but because of its abundance

Graduates and the intensity of competition between them will be among them

It's kind of hard to find a job quickly

Therefore, we can say that specialization is required, but

Getting a job in the field can be

It is difficult, especially in our Arab countries, so it will be gone

You will be required to work hard and work hard on yourself

And you get as many courses as possible

And the certificates you need in this field and so on

You will have a general idea about the resource specialization