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The Power of Self-Worth: Overcoming Failure and Embracing Your Significance


The Power of Self-Worth: Overcoming Failure and Embracing Your Significance

Many people come at a time and lose their importance

Having her in life or feeling that she is not useful

It is not important in her life, and most often this feeling

When one goes through a stage of frustration or failure

In his life, or, for example, when years pass by him

He grows up a little and feels that he has not indulged anything in me

His life means that he finds himself standing in his place

He fulfilled any need he dreamed of

This video will show you how useful you are in your life

Important, but you are the one who doesn't take care of it

Between us

First, you must know that you are not alone

If you have time, ask yourself about its importance

Your presence in life or how to be useful to yourself

And to the people around you, keep in mind that your answer

On this question, it is considered the text of the path because

Knowing the real reason for your existence will leave you

You are on the right path and you are not living your life

You don't know what to do or you don't know what to do

How useful and so that you know the importance of your presence in

Life must look at the issue at the same time

An existing person may have a different reason or mission

The second person, and of course each one has his own mission

On the extent of his abilities and the extent of his awareness, but basically everything

These reasons and tasks are rare under one need

But everything is there for her and this need

Our Lord told us about it in the Holy Qur’an with poison

God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and I did not create the jinn and mankind

Unless they worship the truth of God Almighty, now you will say

What happened to me, I will tell you, take care

Worship does not limit itself to the pillars of Islam

Prayer and fasting, but not, but striving for good

Worship, work, worship, you will be a reason for happiness

Another person who worships him is that you protect the people who

Your servants are responsible because there is nothing wrong with that

Her name is I'm not useful or why is it important

Life The whole idea is that you have to make sure that

Our Lord created you so that there is definitely something better than your existence

You know that your mission in life may be that you

Paving the way for a second person who could be his role

Greater than you, for example, you are a good father who raises

A boy or a girl who is useful to society, but what

You will be a brother and take care that this is the reason for your existence, Flo

One day you made someone happy

He exists so that you can make him happy, even if you are the reason for someone’s livelihood

You are there because of this, or if you have a useful son

It benefits society, so you exist because of it and it is necessary

You know that everyone has abilities to

The task he is there to do is in any way

In many ways, you are useful and useful to society and here

It shows the difference between someone who knew why he existed

He worked on his mission and succeeded in testing and testing

A second person is lost, I don't know why he exists

I see that his life is not necessary for this

When you go through a difficult stage and the world begins to narrow

You feel that you will lose the importance of your presence and you must return

For the main reason why there is everything

The reason for this is worship, and everything that comes under it

A second thing like striving, working, and self-development

Being happy with others and anything else is good

You do it in your life and you must know that

Man is facilitated by what he was created for, meaning that you will come

At some point, circumstances will meet

Something around you that is directed to a specific need, but

This need may require some effort from you or you

Develop yourself, or at the very least take a step

For her part, there is someone among us who takes care of him quickly

Because he still knows his way and knows what he wants

Among us is the important need that is supposed to be

He does it in his life and it is in front of his eyes.However

He wraps himself around and doesn't know how to do it

What about his life and in a third type, all his concern is that he is looking

For the people around him instead of focusing on his life

And see what useful things he can do

Mostly, this type is better, but I don't know

He does anything useful in his life simply because

The second person who looked at him, may God surely lead

He has abilities and awareness to achieve a specific need for you

You may not have these abilities or you may

You have it, but you don't have the ingredients

Let you exploit it or be able to benefit from the abilities

For example, you may not have the patience and determination

And believe in yourself or what you have in awareness and knowledge

Enough in the end, you must know that everything

A man whom our Lord created has a message and all these messages

It is rare under a broad line called worship, and keep in mind

Your role and message may be a simple need

So much so that you don't see it and prefer to spin it

For something useful that you can do in your life, although all

The good you do in your life is the basis of your message and the reason

Your presence and you are not surprised that it is possible for someone to be from

His most important role in life is to be a righteous son

A good father or a wise teacher guides generations on how

They will be beneficial to society, so if you turn to

Your importance and benefit in life, look around you

You will find goodness in the least you can do, of course

Life is much simpler than we imagine

Who knows that